4 more FDI investors landed VSIP Quang Ngai

On Jan.9, 2019 – VSIP Quang Ngai Industrial Park held the investment license presentation for 4 investors to Belgium, Singapore, Japan, South Korea and the United States with a total new investment of up to 321 million USD.

​Newly licensed investment projects include: the braided steel factory project of Bekaert Vietnam with a total investment of US $ 125 million from Belgium; Gesin Vietnam mattress manufacturing and processing factory with a total capital of 10 million USD from Korea; Happy furniture manufacturing factory with a total capital of 48 million USD from Singapore and Hoya Lens Vietnam lenses production project with a total capital of 138 million USD from Japan.

These projects have raised the total investment capital attracted to VSIP Quang Ngai to 733 million USD from 25 domestic and foreign investors.

It is expected that when all investors come into operation, it will bring 35,000 jobs to local workers.

Mr. Anthony Tan – General Director of VSIP Quang Ngai said that in 2018, the amount of capital invested in VSIP in Quang Ngai accounted for 93% of the total FDI capital of Quang Ngai province.

Currently, of a total of 660 hectares of phase 1, VSIP Quang Ngai has completed the investment of 360ha with complete infrastructure from the internal road system, wastewater treatment plant system, lectric road leading to the house fence machine; fire station …

At the same time, VSIP Quang Ngai is one of the one-stop administrative application points with high efficiency.

Since starting its operation until now, VSIP Quang Ngai has attracted 733 million USD from 25 multinational corporations with all areas of activities such as footwear; textile; food drinks; mechanical services; furniture; Of which, 10 projects have been put into operation and created 7,600 new jobs for Quang Ngai.

It is expected that when all projects come into operation, 35,000 new jobs will be created for Quang Ngai people in particular and the Central region in general.

As making speech at the event, Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee Tran Ngoc Cang said that Quang Ngai always stands side by side with businesses, is a firm legal support of businesses, considering the success of businesses is the success of the province and always create favorable conditions for investors to implement projects and production and business organizations most effectively when implementing investment projects in the province in the coming time.