The Gesin Group was initially founded in the year 2000 as a manufacturer of metal and plastic products.

Since then the Gesin Group has become a leading world manufacturer of a diverse category of outdoor and indoor home products. Gesin means “Innovation” in Chinese, which is exactly what we strive to provide at every possible opportunity. In 2011, in an effort to focus on producing high quality indoor home furniture products, the Gesin Group founded a subsidiary company called Inno-Sports. Five years later, in 2016, Gesin USA was founded to help Inno-sports supply a much higher quality product to the global market at a lower, more affordable price.


Inno-Sports is a manufacturer of indoor home products that specializes in metal and plastic products.

As a subsidiary of the Gesin Group, we share the same philosophy of Pervasive Innovation – every employee is responsible for improving the efficiency and quality of our products.

We also focus on making our products more environmentally friendly and sustainable by utilizing more efficient manufacturing methods and greatly reducing the amount of waste produced during the production process.